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Equitable Education for All

To deliver the quality education our children deserve, we need to deliver to public schools the funding they were promised. Our schools should be inviting spaces for education, socialization, and growth. Ultimately, they should prepare our youth to pursue fulfilling career paths - no matter what dream they choose to chase.


As a mother of three children in public schools, I understand firsthand how this impacts children and families across the Commonwealth, and where we can do more. That is why we need to fight in the State House to:


  • Hold the state to the $1.5 billion promised in the Student Opportunity Act. This bill is crucial to providing the money and resources to districts that have been neglected.

  • Support affordable, high-quality education and child care for our working families.

  • Pass H.1281 & S.817 and ensure tuition equity for residents

  • Pass The Cherish Act to make Higher Education more accessible

  • Support increased, liveable wages and benefits for all of our educators, paraprofessionals, and staff while protecting their union power and right to organize. When our teachers and staff are provided for, our youth will be too. 

  • Establish mandatory minimum salaries for teachers and paraprofessionals​​

  • Ensure mental health support in our schools through providing guidance and psychological services. Not only does our district experience higher-than-average rates of middle and high-school depression, but mental health struggles in adolescents are on the rise everywhere.

  • Pass The Thrive Act to address the inequities of standardized testing and end state takeovers of school districts

  • Advocate for additional funding to the Massachusetts School Building Authority to address safety concerns
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