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Standing by our Neighbors

We all have a responsibility to denounce hate speech, speak up for our neighbors who face discrimination, and work together to uplift the voices of those affected by hateful rhetoric and marginalization. In recent years, we have witnessed the overturning of Roe v. Wade, an increase in political extremism in communities all across the nation, and the unwarranted vilification of our LGBTQIA+ neighbors. We can no longer support democrats who do not support a woman's right to choose, or the right to marry whomever one loves. 


We can make history here in Massachusetts and better represent the underrepresented in 2024: only 32% of the House are women. Additionally, the Muslim community is underrepresented at all levels of government in the United States, comprising just 0.016% of elected officials across all local, state, and federal offices. Massachusetts has never elected a Muslim person to its state-wide offices, and for the sake of the broader Muslim community, I hope to achieve what is necessary to better represent everyone who calls Massachusetts home.​

To advocate for members of marginalized communities, I will:


  • Ensure LGBTQIA+ individuals have access to comprehensive, gender and sexuality-inclusive healthcare without discrimination from providers, and prioritize mental health care as an integral part of insurance plans.

  • Tighten anti-discrimination laws so no one may be fired due to their identity.

  • Secure full reproductive rights for women and pregnant people so we can remain a haven for those seeking reproductive healthcare, including proper resources for those experiencing period poverty.

  • Partnering with organizations across the district to uplift community leaders and youth organizers who are committed to making resources more accessible for everyone and providing the tools necessary to become strong advocates for causes that impact Medford and Malden.

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