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Infrastructure Improvements for a
Green Future

One of the things I hear the most from residents of the District is that the current state of our roads and streets leaves much to be desired. Whether you drive a car, bike, walk, or take transit, there is room for improvements and expanded access, and we must make these improvements with the climate crisis at the front of our minds. 


We can change the tide on the climate crisis, all while making necessary improvements in our District. I'll work to:


  • Invest in green infrastructure with green jobs initiatives to build the sustainable infrastructure of the future while providing healthy, fairly paid, union-represented jobs in the present. 

  • Fulfill the state’s climate roadmap for net-zero emissions by 2050 by establishing a state-wide carbon tax, passing a government-mandated new building code, and researching further clean energy solutions such as solar farms and wind projects.

  • Develop and sustain green public spaces so our families are provided with safe, comforting areas for our children to play in, all while absorbing the heightened carbon in our atmosphere. 

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