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What We'll Do:

On Beacon Hill, I promise to be your champion for strengthening our schools, keeping our community affordable, moving the district forward, and most importantly, the needs of my neighbors before all else.

It’s time to roll up our sleeves and bring real change to Medford and Malden, from the Fells to Belmont Hill.

Equitable Education for All

Education has the opportunity to be one of the great equalizing forces in our Commonwealth. No matter a child’s religious, ethnic, racial, or economic background, they should be given the same opportunities and an equally rewarding education. In order to do this, we must deliver the funding that was promised. 

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Green Infrastructure

Keeping the District Affordable

The best way to maintain the rich cultural diversity of Medford and Malden is to ensure that all its residents live without fear of exorbitant and rising rent prices or eviction. I have experienced child homelessness and no one in our district should have to suffer that fate. We can establish a standard for housing,

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Standing by our Neighbors

We have a responsibility to denounce hate speech and to speak up for our neighbors who face discrimination - all while centering the voices of those affected most. With Roe v. Wade overturned, extremism rising at the local and national levels, and increased attacks on our LGBTQIA+ neighbors, we must not support Democrats in office who do not support a woman’s right to choose or the right to marry whomever one loves. Let's be better allies for all of the district's residents.

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Honesty & Transparency
in Government

We're in the process of meeting with policy experts, elected officials, and members of the community to shape our platform with teachers, workers, administrators, activists, and faith leaders front of mind. We'll be updating this page as the campaign goes on.

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