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Hi, I'm Nichole Mossalam!

I'm a mother of three young children, an interfaith and non-profit leader, and come from a working-class union background. I lived through childhood homelessness, survived breast cancer, and understand what it is like to live with a chronic illness and the crushing medical expenses that follow. I've overcome many challenges and understand the needs of working families trying to make ends meet with ever-rising inflation, jobs that pay too little, and laws that don't help enough. 


My husband, Mohanad, and I came to Malden nine years ago with our first son, and have had two more children since. We share a collective passion for working hard and giving back. We especially love living in a place where people have different backgrounds and where new residents live side by side with families that go back generations. It's clear to us that they share so many of the same concerns, are engaged in civic life, and work together to strengthen our cities.


I'm an experienced non-profit and faith leader, current member and former chair of the Malden Disability Commission, and community organizer who believes in an inclusive and collaborative leadership style.  I've built bridges by breaking down divisions, made our communities more accessible for all, and provided assistance to neighbors in need.


As a Muslim woman, I'm no stranger to how the ignorance of others puts up barriers to keep us out. If elected, I would be the first Muslim person to serve in the Massachusetts State House. Not only that, but I would be the first woman to ever represent the District.


I am running to uplift members of the community who will finally be able to have leadership that they see themselves reflected in. I am running for those who wish to be heard and deserve a seat at the table. I am running for those who have felt ignored and left out by the political process, and for the generations to come.


Medford and Malden deserve an independent leader to create change in a system that has failed far too many. We need someone who will put the concerns of our neighbors first, not a personal agenda or the next best thing.


I hope that you'll join me in this mission.

As the former Chair of the
Malden Disability Commission, I:

  • Oversaw the installation of Augmentative and Alternative Communication boards at all Malden Public Schools’ playgrounds for the use of non-verbal children.

  • Secured a $40,000 grant that funded a city-wide accessibility study that created a transitional plan making the city eligible for more grant funding.

  • Worked for the availability of police-stop communication cards for the hard of hearing

  • Secured $45,000 in grant funding for accessibility improvements for the Malden Senior Center. 


As the Founding Director of the Islamic Cultural Center of Medford and Former Director of the Malden Islamic Center, I:

  • Ran interfaith programming and coordinated community outreach to bring community members of all faiths together. 

  • Brought Muslim, Christian, Jewish, and other faith leaders together at numerous community events and causes.

  • Organized events such as “Malden Unites Against Hate” and a “Fastathon” which raised $7,000 to support the work of Housing Families.

As a community organizer in Medford & Malden I, :

  • Helped many families keep and/or find affordable housing in an escalating housing crisis.

  • Helped organize a drive-thru food pantry of fresh produce boxes with the USDA’s Farmers to Families program.

  • Delivered vital necessities to at-risk neighbors during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Supported the organizing efforts of numerous marginalized groups such as the Haitian community, LGBTQIA+ youth and parental rights advocacy, and the Bangladesh Association of New England.

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