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for the 35th Middlesex District - Medford & Malden

It's time to put our 
neighbors first. 

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Hi, I'm Nichole!

and I hope to be your next State Representative.

In 2022, we worked diligently to engage with neighbors all across the district and built up a true coalition that reflected our beautiful, diverse community that we're all proud to call home.

Together, we came just 50 votes shy of an anti-choice, anti-LGBTQIA+, 22-year incumbent. 

In 2024, with the experience and relationships we possess, the energy for our movement is strong. I know we can win this race. 

Our time is now to change the face of politics.

Medford and Malden deserve a legislator who will fight for the issues impacting all of our neighbors. We deserve someone who accurately represents our values: respect, dedication, and inclusivity. 

We deserve a Representative who is here to listen to you, not for power grabs, leadership positions, personal gain, or the next best thing.

I am running to uplift members of the community who will finally be able to have leadership that they see themselves reflected in.

I am running for those who wish to be heard and deserve a seat at the table.

I am running for those who have felt ignored and disenchanted by the political process, and for the generations to come.

We need the support, dedication, and love of an entire community to achieve the representation that the working families of Medford and Malden deserve.

I am looking forward to the campaign ahead and the bright future for our community that is just across the horizon.

It’s time to put our Neighbors


Fight for a better Massachusetts with us and
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